Welcome to Chargerware!
The Office of Information Technology makes a number of software programs available at no cost for faculty, staff, and students. Please make sure you're logged into your UAH G Suite account (chargerID@uah.edu) to access Chargerware files.
Available Software
Platforms Name  Eligibility 
 ArcGIS Desktop  Faculty, Staff
 ArcGIS Pro  Faculty, Staff
   CrashPlan PROe  Faculty, Staff
   eduroam Config Tool  Faculty, Staff, Students
   LabVIEW   Faculty, Staff
   Maple 2016  Faculty, Staff
   Maple 2017  Faculty, Staff
   Maple 2018  Faculty, Staff
   Mathematica   Faculty, Staff, Students
   MATLAB   Faculty, Staff, Students
 McAfee Endpoint Security  Faculty, Staff, Students
   MS Office 365  Faculty, Students
 MS Office Pro 2010  Faculty, Staff
   MS Office Pro 2013  Faculty, Staff
   MS Office Pro 2016  Faculty, Staff
 MS Office HUP  Faculty, Staff
 MS Office Std 2011  Faculty, Staff
   Red Hat Enterprise  Faculty, Staff
   Solid Edge  Faculty, Staff, Students
   SPSS 23  Faculty, Staff
   SPSS 24  Faculty, Staff
   SPSS 25  Faculty, Staff
   STATA  Faculty, Staff