Pulse Connect Secure
Published by Pulse Secure

Pulse Connect Secure enables secure remote access to applications and resources located on the UAH campus. This software is available for Windows, Mac, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (CentOS/RHEL and Ubuntu/Debian)

Eligibility: Faculty, Staff, Students

Note: When downloading large files through Google Drive, you may see a warning that says "Google Drive can't scan this file for viruses." Please click "Download Anyway."

Installation Notes for Computers

    1. Download the appropriate file above (based on the operating system of your computer)

    2. Open the file

    3. Follow the prompts

    4. If you're asked for a server, enter psvpn.uah.edu

    5. If you're asked for a user name, enter your ChargerID@uah.edu address

    6. The password to use is your Charger password (what you use for myUAH, etc.)

If you don't have local administrative privileges on your computer, you may not have access to install software. If you are a faculty or staff member who is using a UAH-owned computer, your computer may be registered on the campus Active Directory. If that's the case, you should be able to install the Pulse Secure VPN client by following the instructions in this KB article.

To use this VPN on a mobile device, please review the related Knowledge Base article here.