Published by Cisco

Cisco Jabber is an application, available for Mac and Windows, that will allow you to use your desktop or laptop computer with the UAH phone network. Your UAH number (+1 256 824 xxxx) will ring on your computer, and you can open Jabber to make outgoing calls from your UAH phone number. It's easy to sign into Jabber to use this functionality, and it's just as easy to sign out when you don't need to receive calls for your UAH number.

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Eligibility: Faculty, Staff, Students

Note: This service is available to any UAH affiliate. There is no cost associated with this service.

Installation Notes

    • To download Jabber, navigate to http://go.uah.edu/jabber and log in with your Charger ID and passwords. Simply follow the prompts. You must start with that link.